Men's Spring & Summer Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe - The Ultimate Guide

It's important to change up your wardrobe once the temperature starts to rise, but that doesn't mean you should be wasting your time and money shopping for clothes you'll only wear a few months every year.

Every item on this list can be mixed and matched and thanks to these clever pairings, you’ll have more than enough pieces to create enough outfits to carry you through the Spring and Summer months.


A mimalist capsule Spring & Summer wardrobe is a dead-simple way to create cool, comfortable outfits with as few pieces as possible that are appropriate for the warmer months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a small, tightly edited collection of men’s foundational pieces of clothing that works for every occasion you’ll encounter throughout the year. It gives you the most bang for your buck that centers around classic, minimal, and neutral colors that never go out of style so you can save time, money, and the stress of shopping and not knowing what to wear on any given day. 

Think of it as setting an amazing foundation for your personal style that will get you through every situation from casual, smart casual all the way up to business casual and even professional.

Should you want to spice it up even more, you’ll be able to easily add in more key pieces or trendy items, as you see fit, to really showcase your personality. 

Why are capsule wardrobes important?

They're designed to save you time, energy, and money, and from experiencing decision fatigue, on top of being environmentally friendly since you will be using everything you purchase.

Do I have to buy all new clothes?

You likely already own quite a few of the items in a capsule wardrobe, but the only way to know is by going through the process of creating the wardrobe to determine what can and can't be used in your current wardrobe.

How are spring and summer clothes different to fall and winter clothes?

The main difference lies in the fabrics, colors, and layering. Spring and summer clothes are usually made from lighter materials such as cotton and linen, which allow for breathability and comfort in warmer temperatures. They also tend to feature brighter colors and lighter shades, reflecting these seasons' vibrant and sunny nature.

Layering is more common in fall and winter outfits, so don't expect to be layering many of your items during the warm-weather months.

What colors work well for a men's capsule wardrobe for spring and summer?

The colors that work well for a men's capsule wardrobe for spring and summer are typically lighter and brighter shades. Some of my favorites include pastel colors like light blue as well as classic neutrals like white, beige, and heather gray. These colors not only reflect the vibrant and refreshing atmosphere of the seasons but also offer versatility and can be easily mixed and matched with various outfit combinations.

Are there any specific accessories that should be included in a capsule wardrobe for these seasons?

Yes! Some of my favorites include sunglasses, and baseball hats fedora hats. These accessories can help add a touch of style and functionality to your outfits while keeping you comfortable and protected from the sun.

Are there any specific shoes that should be included in a capsule wardrobe for spring and summer?

You betcha! Some of my favorite shoes for these seasons include sneakers, loafers, boat shoes, and sandals. 

How To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

My tried-and-tested approach to building a capsule wardrobe for any time of year is outlined in this guide.

Spring & Summer Capsule Wardrobe Items Checklist

The goal is to have a wardrobe that will easily get you through a week without having to do laundry while also accounting for various scenarios - weather, occasions, trips, formalities.

Below are the base-level items that every guy should own.

  • 2 Jackets (1 Dressy, 1 Casual)
  • 6-10 Tops
    • T-Shirts - Navy, White, Black, Heather Gray
    • Polo Shirts - Navy, Black
    • Linen Long-Sleeve Shirts
    • Camp Collar Shirts
  • 2-6 Pants (1-2 Casual, 1 Dressy)
    • Jeans - Dark Wash (Indigo)
    • Chino Pants - Navy, Sand, or Khaki
    • Joggers - Navy, Black, or Charcoal
  • 4 Flat Front Chino Shorts
    • 2 Navy
    • 1 Sand or Khaki
    • 1 Gray
  • 5 Pairs of Shoes
    • White Leather Sneakers
    • Loafers - Medium Brown Leather
    • Espadrilles/Slip-On Sneakers
    • Driving Mocassins
    • Sandals (only when you're near a body of water!)
  • 8 Pairs of Underwear
  • 8 Pairs of Socks


  • Belts - (1 Brown Leather/ 1 Woven)
  • Sunglasses or Opticals (1 Black, 1 Brown/ Tortoiseshell)
  • Bags (1 Backpack/Briefcase)
  • Luggage (1 Weekender, 1 Roller Bag)
  • Watches (1 Casual, 1 Dressy)
    • Casual: Metal Bracelet - Blue or Black Face
    • Dressy: Black or Dark Brown Leather Strap, White face/dial
  • Wallet (1 Leather or Leather Substitute) - Black or Brown
  • Hats (1 Casual, 1 Dressy)
    • Baseball Cap - Navy Blue small or no logo
    • Panama Hat


  • Suit (1 Gray or Navy)
    • Or Linen Suit (warmer climates only)
  • Ties (1 Navy, 1 Black)
    • Alternative: Linen Ties
  • Workout Clothes
  • Tote Bag

Want a capsule wardrobe specific to your age, height, body type, and skin tone? Check out my Essential Capsule Wardrobe App.

Best Colors For Spring & Summer

Spring and Summer style tends to lean towards brighter and more colorful shades that reflect the energy and warmth of the seasons. And, as you'll (hopefully) be wearing fewer items of clothing, it's important to pick the right colors and patterns for your outfits

Here are some of my favorites and how exactly you can wear them:


Some popular choices include pastel shades that can add a fresh and breezy feel to any outfit, such as:

  • Light blue

  • Mint green

  • Soft yellow

  • Muted pink

Additionally, earthy tones are also great options for a more relaxed and natural look. Some of my personal favorites include:

  • Khaki beige

  • Light brown

However, rather than going for brighter versions of everything, I'd recommend playing around with the seasonal-specific pieces in your wardrobe, like your t-shirts, polo shirts, camp-collar shirts, and linen long-sleeve shirts. Don't just throw a bunch of brightly-colored items together and expect them to work.


As with the colors listed above, Spring and Summer

Some of the most popular options include:

  • Florals (but not gaudy Hawaiian shirts)

  • Geometric patterns

  • Nautical stripes

That said, like your Fall and Winter plaid patterns, you want to keep it to one pattern per outfit, unless you really know what you're doing.

Choosing The Right Colors For Your Skin Tone

My advice is to play around with these different colors and see which ones work best with your particular skin tone but here are some general tips:

  • Blues and greens are the easiest colors to pair with pretty much every skin tone, as long as you anchor them with something darker like brown or tan.

    • You can even combine them like a Kelly green shirt with a pair of navy blue chinos.

  • You want to steer clear of shades that closely match the color of your skin tone, as these will just make you look sickly or washed out.

    • For example: avoid brighter pinks if you have a pinker undertone, as this will make you look really flushed.

Outfit Ideas

Here is a selection of different outfits that you can create using the items in your Spring & Summer capsule wardrobe.

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