Men's Harrington Jackets - The Ultimate Guide

Timeless, casual, cool, and sexy. It doesn’t matter if you’re old, young, running errands, or hitting the links – you need a Harrington jacket.

It's been a popular outerwear option since the ’50s and has been worn by pretty much every iconic star of yesteryear: Elvis Presley, James Dean, Steve Mcqueen, and even Daniel Craig as James Bond.


Falling right in the middle of dressy and casual, this iconic jacket will never let you down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called a 'Harrington jacket'?

The Harrington jacket is commonly referred to as such due to its association with the fictional character Rodney Harrington from the 1960s TV series "Peyton Place."

The character was often seen wearing this particular style of jacket, which led to its widespread use and subsequent naming.

What is the difference between a harrington jacket and a bomber jacket?

A Harrington jacket usually features a straight collar, tartan lining, ribbed cuffs and hem, and a buttoned front. 

On the other hand, a bomber jacket has a more relaxed fit with a ribbed collar and often features a front zipper closure, and elasticized cuffs and hem. 

Overall, the Harrington jacket has a more tailored and sophisticated appearance, while the bomber jacket has a more casual and rugged look.

What body types does the Harrington jacket look good on?

All of them! Like a bomber jacket, the Harrington looks great on guys of all shapes and sizes.

What are the best known brands for Harrington jackets?

You can still find the original Harrington jacket (the Baracuta G9) but I actually prefer the ones made by Fred Perry and Ben Sherman.

Harrington Jacket Mistakes Most Men Make

Here are the Harrington jacket mistakes you need to avoid if you want to look your best:

  • Wearing the wrong size.
    This is a common mistake I see a lot of guys make. If the hem of the jacket isn't covering your belt/waistband it's too short. If there's a lot of bunching around the cuffs, it's too long.

  • Zipping it up.
    Unless you absolutely have to, leave your jacket unzipped. It just doesn't look right when zipped up, especially if you're a bigger guy.

  • Wearing the collar up.
    It's a bit too try-hard and should be avoided unless it's raining.

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If this is your first Harrington jacket, then the answer is simple: get a navy version.

If you’re a regular to slim build, you can pull off other colors, but your first Harrington should be navy. If this is your second Harrington, definitely go for a khaki color.

I don’t recommend other colors, like black or burgundy, because they’ll be much harder to match with other items in your wardrobe, and/or it’s just a big swath of color. So if you went with black, it’s a lot of black and, I think, doesn’t look all that great in person. It looks much better in photos than in real life.


Harrington jackets are typically made out of lightweight and durable fabrics such as cotton, polyester, or a blend of both. These fabrics are chosen for their breathability and ability to withstand everyday wear and tear.

With proper care, this jacket will last decades – easily. The mileage and value you’ll get from this jacket are some of the best for any menswear item I’ve seen.

One small note: If you’re a larger build, you may not fit Ben Sherman, even their larger sizes tend to run pretty slim.

How a Harrington Jacket Should Fit

  1. The shoulder seams should be right where your shoulders slope down.

  2. If the armholes are digging into your armpits, go up a size.

  3. Harrington's are meant to be a little roomy, so you want one that fits you well without either being too tight or overly baggy.

  4. The sleeves must be long enough so the elastics cover your wrists.

  5. The elastic hem of the jacket should always cover the belt or waistband of your pants.

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Outfit Ideas


Navy Harrington Jacket
White T-Shirt
Dark-Wash Jeans
White Low-Top Sneakers

If in doubt, stick with the basics. Here we're combining a selection of classic menswear pieces to create a stylish that's simultaneously simple, stylish, and sexy.

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Elevated Casual

Navy Harrington Jacket
Black T-Shirt
Black Jeans
Dark Brown Suede Chukka Boots

Whoever told you that you can't wear navy and black together or black and brown together was WRONG. Swap out those chukka boots for a pair of leather Chelsea or lace-up boots or even a pair of white low tops if you wanted a more casual look.

Business Casual

Tan Harrington Jacket
Gray Crewneck Sweater
White Oxford Dress Shirt
Dark-Wash Jeans
Black Oxford Dress Shoes

Remember when I said earlier that khaki is the best Harrington color after navy? This is why! This outfit is a masterclass in business-casual layering and take note of how the Harrington is neither too dressy nor too casual but hits the sweet spot in-between the two!

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