Men's White Tennis Shoes & Sneakers - The Ultimate Guide

White low-top sneakers AKA Tennis Shoes are like jeans – everyone should them because they look great with casual, and even dressy-casual outfits.


If chosen correctly, white low-top sneakers can make your everyday ouitfits pop with a touch of class but there are certain rules you should follow in order to look your best. Do they get dirty? Yes, they're shoes, but you won't care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 'low-top' sneakers?

Low-top (or low-rise) sneakers are sneakers that do not cover the ankle.

Why should I go for white sneakers?

The reason white sneakers are preferred is because they look sharp and instantly elevates an outfit to be a little sharper than it would be with other types of sneakers.

Can I go for high-top sneakers?

For a foundational piece like this, leave the high tops for later. They’re not appropriate for many occasions where low tops are. High tops will bunch up your pants around the ankles and create a lot of stacking (wrinkles). If you're trying to dress better, this is always to be avoided.

Can I have logos on my sneakers?

For me, clean and minimal always looks best. Big logos or designs are distracting and will steal focus from the rest of your (great, hopefully) outfit. Try and go as minimal as possible here.

White Sneaker Mistakes Most Men Make

Here are the most common mistakes I see guys making when it comes to low-top sneakers:

  • Wearing 'dress sneakers'.
    'Dress sneakers' that combine a dress shoe style upper and a sneaker sole should definitely be avoided. They look terrible and fail at being dressy or casual.

  • Not keeping your sneakers clean.
    Your shoes are one of the first things people (especially women) notice about you so, it's crucial that you keep your sneakers looking clean and presentable. This especially applies to white sneakers. There's a reason I recommend white leather below.

  • Wearing sneakers with gum soles.
    Avoid it at all costs. Gum soles have a heavy and distracting look that never looks as good as all-white. While you think it saves you some cleaning time, this isn't true. Your uppers get dirty at the same rate as your soles, so you'll be cleaning them for the same amount of time and one looks much better than the other.

  • Not tucking in your shoelaces.
    You want to avoid overly-long shoelaces as not only can these get really dirty really quickly but the 'bunny ear' look is never a good one and well-dressed men know that this is to be avoided.

Want to see all the mistakes to avoid specifically for your age, height, body type, and skin tone?

Choosing The Right Profile

  • The profile refers to the shape of the sneaker.

  • If in doubt, always go for a slim and streamlined profile.

    • This always looks great and won't mess with your proportions.

  • Not all low-tops are created equal and you definitely want to avoid chunkier low-tops as these can really weigh you down visually.

    • Air Force One's and similar styles can look off depending on how you wear them, so avoid these until you've got a better handle on your style.



White sneakers look cleanest and will go with every single outfit, now and forever. If you think white is too bright or draws attention to your feet, it's all in your head - I promise.


Gray is the second most versatile color (outside of white) and if (and only if) you just can't do white, grab a pair in gray and still grab a pair in white.

  • Once you're comfortable wearing gray, start wearing the white ones. 

  • Black and navy are too dark of a color and don't pair with as many outfits.



This is not only the best-looking material, but it is also the easiest to keep clean and it works for year-round wear. Leather alternatives are also great.


Not as stylish as leather but definitely cheaper and has the same basic look. However, it will stain easily and will be much harder to clean.

Keeping Your Sneakers Clean

When it comes to sneakers, cleanliness is close to godliness, and I’m always shocked to learn that most guys don’t know that women look at 3 things, in this order, when first meeting a man:

  1. Your face/head (duh!)

  2. Your fingernails

  3. Your shoes

Dirty or worn-out shoes are a major turn-off. Spend 30 seconds and take a wet cloth and give your sneakers a quick wipe down.

A little effort goes a long way and will keep your shoes looking good for much longer.

Outfit Ideas


White Crewneck T-Shirt
Dark-Wash Jeans
White Low-Top Sneakers

Nothing says 'casual' like pairing some low tops with a plain t-shirt and jeans. As we're going for a mix of neutrals on the bottom half, you could always change the t-shirt for a black, navy, or heather gray version or swap out the dark-wash jeans for a black pair or tan chino pants instead.

Want to learn more about how best to style your sneakers?

Elevated Casual

Black Polo
Navy Chino Pants
White Low-Top Sneakers

The white sneakers really put the 'casual' in 'elevated casual' here. If you wanted to dress this overall look up, then swap out the polo for a black crew-neck sweater or a white Oxford dress shirt.

Business Casual

Charcoal Suit
Black Crewneck Sweater
White Low-Top Sneakers

This is a classic smart-casual look that could be easily modified depending on your preferences. The sweater could be changed for a white-oxford shirt with no tie, or even a t-shirt if you want more of a casual vibe.

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