Men's Wool Trousers - The Ultimate Guide

Plain front, wool pants are the classy, heavier-fabric cousin of chino pants. They fill the gap between jeans, chinos, and a full suit.

In certain situations when jeans or chinos might be a bit too casual and a suit could be overkill, wool trouser fills this spot nicely.


Whether you need a versatile option for the office or a stylish choice for a special occasion, wool trousers offer the perfect combination of comfort and sophistication.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I clean my wool trousers?

If you do need to clean your wool trousers, then hand washing is always recommended. 

In general, it is best to avoid regularly washing your wool trousers, as excessive washing can cause them to lose their shape and texture.

Instead, opt for spot cleaning when necessary. After spot cleaning, allow the trousers to air dry flat on a clean towel or drying rack.

Are wool trousers dress pants?

Wool trousers are dressy pants but not dress pants. They are crafted from a thicker material (fabric weight 10-12oz and up) than suit pants or slacks and look off when paired with more formal items.

Can I wear trousers with pleats?

I don’t care how old or young you are or what your body type is – whether you’re thin or a larger guy, you should never ever have pleated wool pants.

Honestly, I f*#@%ing hate them because they’re so unnecessary and are unflattering on every guy. I’ll be the first to dance on their grave if they ever completely go away. I’ve never seen a guy look good while wearing them – ever.


Wool Trousers Mistakes Most Men Make

Even though you probably won't be wearing your wool trousers every day, there are still a few mistakes that I want you to watch out for:

  • Wearing wool trousers as dress pants or slacks.
    As stated in the FAQs, these are dressy pants but not dress pants and should not be worn in place of slacks or suit trousers.

  • Wearing trousers with pleats or creases.
    These have a more eye-catching aesthetic that is very hard to pull off.

  • Wearing trousers that are too long.
    Never go for more than a slight or quarter break on the hem of your wool trousers and never cuff the hem.

  • Wearing black trousers.
    Just. Plain. Wrong. Learn more about this in the 'Colors' section below.

Want to see all the wool trousers mistakes to avoid specifically for your age, height, body type, and skin tone? Check out our Essential Capsule Wardrobe App.

Fabric Weights

Go for a wool fabric weight of anywhere from 10-12 oz. and up (this weight is similar to that of a wool sweater).

Most stores that call anything "wool trousers" or some variation of "wool pants" will be the correct weight the majority of the time, as long as you're shopping during the Fall or Winter months.

If you're shopping during the summer season, be extra careful because some brands make them with thinner fabrics at this time of the year.


The best color option for your wool trousers has to got to be dark gray (also called 'charcoal'). These look great with items from all different dress codes, including dress shirts, t-shirts, sneakers, and loafers.

After dark gray, navy wool trousers are the most versatile color option. These can work as a stylish upgrade to your dark-wash jeans or chinos.

Avoid black trousers because the service industry has gone all in on black chinos and wool trousers, so this association is immediately going to come to people's minds. Blame them, not me!

How Wool Trousers Should Fit

  1. Your trousers should hit around the high hipbone area, or even slightly higher.  

  2. You want to be able to pinch around 0.5-1 inch (1.25-2.5cm) of fabric on either side of your thigh and calf.

  3. You should have a slight taper so that it gets narrower towards the ankle.

  4. Have your pants hemmed to leave a quarter (also called a slight) break.

Want to see how your wool trousers should fit specifically for your age, height, body type, and skin tone?

How To Wear Wool Trousers

If you live in a cooler climate, you have my permission to wear these bad boys all year round.

If you’re in a climate with only one(ish) warm season (like a Mediterranean climate), then only wear these from early Autumn until Spring and/or if you need to wear sweaters or jackets. The heavier fabric weight looks off when paired with lighter fabric-weighted clothing often worn during the warmer months.

Outfit Ideas


White or Light Gray Crewneck T-Shirt
Navy Wool Trousers
White Low-Top Sneakers

I know these aren't wool trousers, but you'll have use your imagination a bit. As wool trousers have a smarter aesthetic than jeans and chinos, they instantly elevate the look of more casual items like crewneck t-shirts and sneakers. I don't like the full-tucked look of the shirt, so go for a half-tuck, instead. White running shoes would also work here - just tuck in those laces!

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Elevated Casual

Black Crewneck Sweater
Gray Wool Trousers
Black Oxford Dress Shoes

Here we're keeping things dark and neutral and the weight of the black dress shoes is balanced out by the black crewneck sweater on top. Dress this down by throwing on a pair of white low-top sneakers or black boots. Or dress it up further by throwing on a white Oxford or Dress Shirt underneath the sweater. Yes, those pants are cuffed, like I said to avoid, but it's a good outfit outside of that.

Business Casual

Navy Sports Coat
White Dress Shirt
Maroon Tie
Gray Wool Trousers
Brown Oxford Dress Shoes

A wool blazer/sports coat and wool trousers combo is a more casual alternative to a suit and is perfect for business casual dress codes because the fabric weights work well together. A gray or navy tie, or no tie at all will also look great here. Make sure to tuck in those laces, too!

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