Men's Haircuts & Hairstyles - The Ultimate Guide

Do you often struggle to find the perfect hairstyle that suits your face shape, hair type, lifestyle, and personal style? Look no further, as I've compiled this ultimate guide to men's haircuts and hairstyles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should men get their hair cut?

Generally, it is recommended that you get a haircut every 4-6 weeks to maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance.

However, some men with shorter hairstyles or faster hair growth may prefer to get a haircut every 2-3 weeks to keep their hair looking fresh.

What factors should be considered when choosing a men's haircut?

Firstly, your specific face shape (more details below) should be taken into account as certain hairstyles can complement or accentuate certain facial features.

Additionally, the texture and thickness and thickness of your hair (also discussed below) should be considered as some styles may require more maintenance or may not work well with certain hair types.

Finally, your personal style and lifestyle should taken into consideration, as your haircut should align with your overall aesthetic and be practical for your daily activities.

What are the different hair types for men?

Basically, the four hair types for men are:

  • Straight

    • This is characterized by its smoothness and lack of natural curl or wave.

  • Wavy

    • This falls somewhere in between straight and curly, with slight bends or waves throughout.

  • Curly

    • This is characterized by its defined curls or spirals

  • Coily

    • This has tightly coiled or zig-zag-shaped curls.

It's also important to note that within each hair type, there can also be variations in thickness, density, and texture.

Should I wash my hair everyday?

Daily washing can help maintain cleanliness and remove excess oils, but for some guys, it may lead to dryness, scalp irritation, or hair damage.

It is generally recommended to wash your hair every 2-3 days, using a suitable shampoo and conditioner for your specific hair needs. 

What are the different hair styling products for men?

There are several different hair styling products for guys to choose from, including pomade, wax, gel, mousse, and hairspray.

Pomade provides a shiny, flexible hold, while wax offers a matte finish and medium hold. Gel is normally used for creating a high-hold, crisp look, while mousse adds volume and texture. Hairspray is often used as a finishing product to lock styles in place and maintain hold throughout the day.

What should I do if I'm losing my hair/have a receding hairline?

I've written extensively about this later in this article.

What are some of the most timeless haircuts for men?

Some of the most timeless hairstyles for men include the crew cut, the buzz cut, the pompadour, and the classic taper.

These cuts have been popular for decades and continue to be stylish and versatile options for men of all ages.

What hairstyles should I avoid?

It's important to choose a hairstyle that suits your personal style, face shape, and profession but some that you should probably avoid include the mullet, bowl cuts, rat tails, and excessively long unkempt hair. These styles are often considered outdated, unprofessional, or simply unflattering.

Consulting with a professional hairstylist can help in identifying the most suitable hairstyle and avoiding those that may not be flattering or appropriate.

How do I cut my own hair?

This one is simple: don't.

Unless you're a professional barber or want to rock a buzzcut, then AVOID cutting your own hair. If you don’t have the time or money to maintain a hairstyle with cuts every 6-8 weeks, let your barber know and they will give you a look that grows out well.

How do I choose the right barber for me?

To choose the right barber, you should consider things like experience, expertise,  customer reviews and recommendations, price range, location, and convenience.

It's super important to find a barber who understands your specific needs and preferences, and who can provide you with a comfortable and satisfactory experience every time.

How To Find a Man's Face Shape

Your face shape is the determining factor in finding the best haircuts and hairstyles. See this guide to finding a man's face shape to determine that before going any further.

Best Hair Cuts and Styles For Your Face Shape

Choosing a men’s hairstyle that works for your face shape ensures you will look your best all the time.

If you haven’t figured out your face shape (using the guide linked above), then this section will not make much sense, so go figure out your face shape, then come back.


The longer rectangular or oblong face shape falls between an oval and a square and requires a hairstyle that softens the angular features while ensuring that the face doesn’t appear even longer than it already is.

Typically, you want a style that adds width and volume to the sides while keeping the hair shorter on top, as this can help balance out the facial proportions and create a more symmetrical appearance. Some of my favorite styles include a medium-length textured crop, a classic side-part, or a layered hairstyle with a swept-back or side-swept fringe.

For black guys with a rectangular face shape, the best hairstyles are those that add width and volume to the sides of the face, while also maintaining some length on top. Some options that work well include a low fade or taper on the sides, with more length and texture on top, such as a textured crop, high-top fade, or a short curly afro. 


Symmetrical and well-proportioned, an oval face shape works well with most hairstyles but you should always prioritize a style that gets your hair off your forehead to create some volume and angles on top.

The most complimentary hairstyle for guys with oval-shaped faces is short on the sides and slightly longer on the top cut, similar to a quiff or side part. How long you go depends on your preference but the one thing to avoid is a forward-fringe style haircut. Too much hair on the forehead softens your features and increases the roundness of your face, which you want to avoid.

Black guys with oval-shaped faces should also go for a higher hairstyle like a high fade, or a tighter look, such as a buzzcut or a short textured cut.


Like the oblong or oval face shape, most hairstyles will work with square face shapes, even extremely short or longer hairstyles – from buzz cuts to French crops to quiffs. Keep in mind that the shorter you go, the more you’ll look like a military grunt, so that’s the one thing to be aware of.

Classic, neat haircuts like close fades, side parts, and short layers complement a square shape best.

For black guys, some great options include a textured fade or a short buzz cut on the sides with a bit more length on the top to create some volume. Other options could include a low taper fade with a longer top that can be styled into a textured crop or a short afro.


A hairstyle with volume will look best on guys with a triangular face shape so go for longer haircuts with fuller sides that add volume all around. Some of my favorites include a textured fringe or a layered cut that adds some height on top. However, you want to avoid hairstyles that are too short on the sides or too tight at the temples as these can accentuate your narrower chin.

For black guys, a good choice would be a cut with volume on top, such as an afro, high-top fade, or textured curls. This adds width to the upper part of the face and helps to create a more balanced and symmetrical look.


A round face shape benefits from a haircut that gives it some definition or angles since they aren’t there naturally. For your face shape, you need to think square. A square hairstyle creates the illusion of structure so go for a style with height on the top that’s taken tight at the sides like a pompadour or a flat top. Front fringes will also look great for your face shape.

Likewise, for black men, some popular options could include a short fade or buzz cut on the sides with a longer length on top, or a textured crop with a side part. 


A diamond face shape is one of the less common ones and because of that, you’ll need to be a little more careful to ensure that your hairstyle looks great.

Avoid taking the sides too short because, given the width of the cheekbones, a hairstyle that’s particularly short on the sides will make your ears look bigger – which you obviously want to avoid.

Hairstyles that add width to the forehead and chin area are going to look best on you. Fringes work well to add texture to the forehead, while longer styles that can be tucked behind the ears are great for accentuating your cheekbones. You can also try a side sweep or deep side-part hairstyle and consider growing a 5 o’clock shadow if you want to add some size to a narrower chin.

For black guys, a popular choice would be a short back-and-sides with slightly longer hair on top styled to add some volume and width to the forehead. This could be achieved with a fade or undercut on the sides and back, paired with a textured top or a slight pompadour.


This is kind of similar to a diamond face shape, in that you'll always want to avoid cuts that are very short, especially on the sides, as they’ll accentuate the narrowness of the chin and the width of your forehead.

A medium-length swept look is the safest bet and mid-length and long hairstyles that are kept reasonably thin and light soften the heart shape’s strong forehead.

For black men, you want a hairstyle that balances out the wider forehead and the narrower chin. A good option would be a haircut with some volume on top and shorter sides to create a more balanced look. A fade or undercut with a textured top can complement the heart-shaped face really nicely.

Best Hair Cuts and Styles For Your Hair Type

Here are the best haircuts/styles to choose from depending on your specific hair type:


Choosing the best haircut for men with straight hair can be a daunting task, as the lack of volume and fragile texture can make it difficult to find a style that is both stylish and practical. However, the good news is that this hair type is easier to style than others and it can be surprisingly versatile.

To compensate for the lack of volume, I always recommend going for a haircut that is short on the sides and slightly longer on top and pomade is a great styling product as it has naturally thickening qualities.

Some of my favorite straight-hair styles include:

  • The classic crew cut

  • The side part

  • The pompadour

  • The textured crop 

  • The quiff


Now, when I say 'curly', I don't mean hair that is curled into little ringlets, that's coiled hair. Instead, I'm referring to hair with soft well-defined curls with a loose "S" shape, and, like straight hair, finding the best haircut for men with curly hair can be a bit challenging.

Curly hair often has its own unique set of characteristics and styling requirements and it's important to find a style that not only complements the natural texture of your hair but also works well with your facial features. Going shorter on top means less maintenance and it can also look really sharp but I know some women that just love seeing a guy who embraces his curls and grows them out.

Some of my personal favorite hairstyles for guys with curly hair include:

  • The textured crew

  • The crop

  • Short choppy curls

  • The quiff


Wavy hair isn't a million miles away from curly hair and its defining feature is its loose flowing curls that form into gentle waves (think Bradley Cooper or Timothée Chalamet).

Because of its versatility, wavy hair has one of the most sought-after hair textures, and it can be adapted to suit all face shapes. Basically, it has a really cool and carefree look that can be styled in so many different ways.

The one issue with it is that it doesn't retain the natural oils that give it a healthy shine. This can result in dryness and frizziness and as such, I would recommend being gentle with your luscious locks. Don't overwash your hair and be gentle when it comes to towel drying and using a hair dryer.

Some of my personal favorite wavy hairstyles include:

  • The slick back (AKA the 'bro flow')

  • The 'messy wavy' look

  • Long waves

  • The wavy crew cut


Coiled hair (also known as kinky hair) refers to curly or wavy hair that forms tight coils or spirals and this type of hair is commonly seen in men with African or Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Coiled hair can vary in texture and tightness of the curls, and it is often styled in different ways, such as afros, braids, twists, or dreads, allowing you to express your personal style and embrace your natural hair texture. However, it's important to note that dryness can be a big issue with coiled hair so spend some time finding the right products to add moisture to the hair follicles.

When it comes to styling, I love balancing things out. So if you have a rounder face, go for a square-shaped haircut and vice-versa.

Choosing The Best Hairstyle For Men With Thinning/Balding Hair or a Receding Hairline

Now, I know for a fact that balding or thinning hair is one of the biggest confidence-killers out there and I’ve worked with a number of clients whose self-esteem levels had plummeted due to premature hair loss.

That said, there are a number of ways to deal with these issues and work with what you have to keep you looking and feeling cool and confident.

Thinning Hair

If you have thinning hair, I'd recommend keeping things short on the sides and longer on top. This will help cover as much of your scalp as possible.

Also, there's no shame in using hair fillers to add some extra density and make your hair look fuller in problem areas.

Finally, you can also use over-the-counter products (such as Rogaine or Viviscal) which will allow you to keep what hair you have (and maybe grow a little more!)


If you're losing your hair, then going for a shorter look is probably the best move. There's nothing worse than denial, and growing your hair longer on the sides to try and cover things up NEVER looks good.

One of the best ways to make your bald spot less noticeable is to take some of the density out of the hair surrounding it and your barber should be able to help with this.

If your bald spot is super obvious, I'd recommend channeling your inner Jason Statham and keeping all of your hair SUPER short. You can always use a razor and take everything off but that's not always necessary and it's really down to you and your personal preference.

Receding Hairline

If your hairline is starting to recede, there are ways to cut your hair to make it less obvious.

I'd recommend growing your hair out a bit on the front (which will blend in with your hairline) or going for a side-part style for a more balanced look.

Another option is to use hair fillers which will add some color and shadow, allowing for a fuller look around the receding hairline.


Now, it should go without saying that there's absolutely nothing wrong with a bald head. However, there IS something wrong with living in denial and you really have to embrace this look with confidence if you want it to look good.

A good buzz cut is probably the best move. It's minimal and stylish, and it’s a style you can give yourself in the comfort of your own home, providing you have a decent pair of clippers.

Also, another great way to make baldness work for you is to balance out your facial proportions by growing some stylish facial hair (my personal favorite is some sexy stubble). If you're looking for some inspiration, simply have a look through my extensive facial hair guide provided earlier in this article!

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