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Essential Module

The Essential module is the foundational module of our Essential Wardrobe app that teaches you how to dress better for your age, height, body type and skintone.

  • A complete wardrobe, including shoes, accessories, jewelry, bags & more.

  • Outfit formulas to remove all guesswork.

  • Extensive How-To's and Do's & Dont's.

  • Personalized shopping lists to make it quick & easy.

  • Up-to-date shopping links for every budget.

Fall & Winter Capsule Wardrobe Cover Image

Fall & Winter Module

The Fall & Winter module teaches and shows you everything needed to stay warm and look great in cold weather. Rain & snow gear, heavy coats, cold-weather accessories and how to put them all together for your specific attributes.

Spring & Summer

The Spring & Summer module teaches and shows you everything needed to look great and stay cool in warm weather. Linens, swimwear, footwear, and various accessories, as well as how to put them together for your attributes.

Grooming Module

The Grooming module teaches and shows you everything needed to improve your shaving, skincare, haircare, head and facial hair styles as well as recommended products and how-to's based on your skintone and hair type.