Fall & Winter Module

The Fall & Winter module gives you everything needed to create a modern, yet classic season-specific wardrobe to help you stay warm and look great in colder weather. And just like all the other modules, it's tailored specifically to your age, height, body type and skintone. This includes:

  • Rain & Snow Gear

  • Stylish Cold-Weather Accessories

  • Season-Specific Shopping List

  • Seasonal Colors & Patterns For You

  • Fall & Winter Outfit Formulas

  • Shopping Links For All Budgets

This is accomplished by presenting season-specific info, how-to's and details only relevant to your attributes chosen in the app.

The Fall & Winter module is designed to work on it's own or in-tandem with the other modules. If you're looking for details about jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, extensive how-to's and year-round, day-to-day items, you'd be advised to start with the Essential module.

You'll be the best-dressed guy during the cooler seasons for the rest of your life.

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