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  • No experience necessary.

  • Works for all ages, shapes & ethnicities.

  • We'll teach you everything & support you all the way.

See Why Clients Love Us

The same expertise and attention to detail that our celebrity clients trust us to provide (those are actual clients) is what you'll learn with the Essential Wardrobe App.

This real-world experience, plus our always-there-for-you support is why you'll quickly see incredible results.

But it's not just for celebrities. Here's what real users are saying:

It has really helped me learn and think about men’s fashion differently. I had no idea what I was doing before and didn’t care, but now I’m actually excited to be more fashionable and I'm glad the app and support didn't push me to do anything I was uncomfortable with.

Joe - New York City

Before the app, I wanted to dress better, but felt like the information I found online wasn't for an older guy like me. Now I'm quickly learning how to dress well for my age and body and I get compliments from friends and family all the time. I haven't felt this good about myself in a long time.

Jeff - Atlanta, GA

I went from quite shy and lacking confidence with no idea how to dress, to someone who feels like I can take on the world when I walk out the door every morning. I'm sure the compliments I often receive aren't hurting either.

Daniel - Birmingham, UK

This has legitimately changed, upgraded, and given me the confidence to improve the way I dress. I get complimented almost daily on my style now and one person actually said, 'You look like you’re out of a magazine every time you get ready.' I cannot thank you enough!

Lewis - San Jose, CA

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The Essential Wardrobe App

The Essential Module is the foundational module of our Essential Wardrobe app that teaches you how to dress better for your age, height, body type and skintone.

Input your attributes and the app presents only relevant details that work for you.

It provides every item you should own, mistakes to avoid, outfit formulas, shopping lists, up-to-date shopping links and how-to's so you can quickly and easily put together a complete wardrobe of easy head-to-toe outfits for year round wear. Including: accessories, casual, business casual and suiting options.

The app pays for itself after one shopping trip by ensuring you never waste time or money buying things that end up in the back of your closet.

Customized To You

Details matter - a lot - and every guy is different.

The app tailors itself to only present items, fit details, do's and dont's, outfit formulas and color combinations - all customized to your age, height, body type and skintone - so you can be 100% confident you'll always look age and body appropriate.

Everything You Need

  • A complete wardrobe, including shoes, accessories, jewelry, bags & more.
  • Outfit formulas to remove all guesswork.
  • Extensive How-To's and Do's & Dont's.
  • Personalized shopping lists to make it quick & easy.
  • Up-to-date shopping links for every budget.

Created By Professionals

The app was created by Celebrity Menswear Stylist, Ashley Weston, and her team of menswear experts who have been dressing men of all ages, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes for 10+ years.

This real-world experience, plus the always-there-for-you support is why you'll quickly see incredible results.

Extensive How To's*

  • Dress Codes for All Occasions
  • Audit Your Existing Wardrobe
  • Shop Like a Pro
  • Wearing Colors & Patterns 101
  • Layering 101
  • Incorporating Trends (if you want to)
  • Tailoring 101
  • Clothing Care & Storage
  • Dressing When Losing or Gaining Weight

* Exclusive to the Essential module

Start Dressing Better Than Ever Before.

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The Style Pyramid

Timeless Classics

The bulk of your wardrobe, the base, should be composed of modern yet timeless styles and classic, neutral colors that are fitted (not too tight or loose) to your body. Things like a bomber jacket, white t-shirt, blue jeans, lace-up boots, or white sneakers - this is the Essential module.

Everybody should start here in order to set a strong foundation and knowledgebase that will have a huge impact on the way you look and feel every day.

You can stop here and be a very stylish, well-dressed man for the rest of your life.


Once the foundation is set, you can move up the pyramid to add season-specific items and colors for more variety.

These are things like: lighter colored chinos, linen shirts, summer shoes, jackets and various accessories for Spring & Summer or heavier, wool items, boots, jackets and accessories for Fall & Winter.

Most men stop here.

After getting seasonal items, you can go to the peak and incorporate trendy items, colors and alternate body fits.

This is 100% optional and most men don't care or want to spend the time or money chasing trends because they change often.

Beware that wearing an out-of-trend item can make you look like you're trying too hard and out-of-touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the app and modules?

After purchasing a module, simply go to our website from any device, login and click the app link in the menu. It works on any device with a web browser - laptop, tablet, phone, tricorder, etc.

Why is there a waitlist?

We're taking our time to expand to more people because we want to be sure every new user gets the best experience possible. This helps us learn, adjust and deliver on that promise and we're happy to take it a little slower to ensure you and the team can grow and support each other long term. Don't worry, it'll be worth the wait :).

How is the app different than your videos or articles?

  • The app is tailored to your age, body type, height and skin tone. No videos or articles are that specific.

  • Up-to-date information when most videos or articles are years old.

  • A lot of items and info in the app has never been discussed or featured in videos or articles.

  • How to put every item into multiple outfits – casual, elevated casual, business casual and business formal.

  • Personalized Shopping Lists for each module to show what you have or need to pick up.

  • How To’s - shopping like a pro, layering, pairing & matching colors, clothing care & storage, how to do a closet audit, and much more are not found elsewhere.

  • Top notch support from the Mens Fashioner team and like-minded user community.

Do I need to get all the modules?

Not at all. Our modular approach to improving your look allows each module to live on it's own or be combined to further expand your appearance and knowledge. Some get the Essential module and stop there, others expand to other modules as they see fit. It's completely up to you.

I’m short, fat, skinny, tall, wide, muscular, have a dad bod, will the app work for me?

Absolutely! The app asks for your age, body type, height and skin tone so it can be tailored to your exact needs.

I live outside the United States, can I still use the app?

Yes! The beauty of the app is that it works for everyone, in every region. The only thing you’ll notice is that some of the shopping links will go to North American brands, so you’ll need to get the items shipped internationally or use the recommendations as a guide to find equivalent local options.

I have additional questions.

Head over to our pre-purchase support forum and ask your question(s) and we'll be glad to answer them for you.

My biggest challenge is putting together outfits. Does the app address this?

Yes! We know this is challenging for a lot of men and why the app shows complete oufit formulas for: casual, business casual and suited outfits that incorporaten the specific items in every module.

Won’t the app be outdated quickly when fashion changes?

The app is constantly updated to ensure that doesn't happen, so you can be sure the app is always up-to-date.

Will the app force me to dress a certain way?

Absolutely not! Unless you think looking amazing every day is dressing a certain way? Every item and detail is designed to ensure you'll look great specifically for your age, height, body type and skintone. You're welcome to pick and choose what you use or not.

Do I need to buy all new clothes?

No, the app and Shopping Lists allow you to see what items you already own that work for the module, as well as what items you may need to purchase to complete your wardrobe. What you buy is totally up to you.

I’m __ years old, is this app for me?

Yes. Our clients, readers and viewers range in age from teenagers all the way up to their 80’s, so when you fill in your age range under account settings, the details will be tailored specifically for you. This ensures you'll always be presented the options and details that are age-appropriate and won't make you look like you're trying too hard to be something you're not.

Won’t I look like everyone else?

Go anywhere people congregate and look around. Do you see most guys dressing well? The answer is no - the average guy dresses terribly. So you won’t look like everyone else. In fact, you’ll look so much better that random strangers will probably start complimenting you – we hear this from users all the time.

Add-On Modules

These add-on modules go beyond the Essentials with seasonal or mission-specific items and how-to's that are tailored specifically to your attributes.

Fall & Winter Capsule Wardrobe Cover Image

Fall & Winter

The Fall & Winter module teaches and shows you everything needed to stay warm and look great in cold weather. Rain & snow gear, heavy coats, cold-weather accessories and how to put them all together for your specific attributes.

Spring & Summer

The Spring & Summer module teaches and shows you everything needed to look great and stay cool in warm weather. Linens, swimwear, footwear, and various accessories, as well as how to put them together for your attributes.

Grooming Module

The Grooming module teaches and shows you everything needed to improve your shaving, skincare, haircare, head and facial hair styles as well as recommended products and how-to's based on your skintone and hair type.